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WHO ARE WE?  (Read the Kim Post Events page and find out what our great authors are doing.)

Daytona is home to extraordinary talent. Although it enjoys a fine reputation for its beaches and its racing, it has much more. Daytona and its surrounding cities can boast of some of the finest artists, musicians , entertainers and writers. It also has fine colleges. The coalition of members in the Daytona Writers Guild enjoy sponsoring the arts and being part of the renaissance formed to showcase the talent of its fellow members in the arts. A number of them have won awards for their work. Books which bear the gold seal of Daytona Writers Guild have met the criteria for special merit.

Members sponsor the arts, sponsor literacy, do presentations in book clubs, theaters, schools, fairs, libraries, conferences and other places. Many are fine speakers with informative and interesting presentations that have become popular. Read their bios and enjoy what they have to offer. Go to their websites to learn more. Some of them are very recognized outside of Florida. Help our authors become recognized here for the talent they possess. Go to the websites of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, small book stores, souvenier shops. Read their bios. Get to know them by attending some of the BAMfest (books, art and music) events or other places you will read about. Recognize that Daytona does have many fine talents to offer.

If you would like to join the Daytona Writers Guild and meet the criteria for membership, see the application. That will be reviewed by the officers and other members of the guild for acceptance.

Officers and Members of Daytona Writers Guild

(see first three rows)

Dr. Mary Custureri

Writing in three genre

Pres. Daytona Writers  Guild 

President of  Taylor and Seale Publishing, Dr. Custureri, writes academic non-fiction, historical  novels and a series of Happy Anderson primary books. She is also a professional speaker, writer, lecturer, and consultant for teaching/learning strategies.  She has taught creative as well as technical writing. 

Joseph Cavanaugh,V.P.

Transcendental Poetry

V.P. of National Federation of State Poetry Societies

Former president of the Florida State Poets Association, Joseph Cavanaugh is a prolific poet and presenter. He is also chairman of the  Blackberry Peach National Awards. Latest book: Transcendental Targets: Searching for the Ecstatic in a Cloud of White Butterflies.  

Jesse Sam Owens, Jr,V.P.

 Song/Poetry Extraordinaire

Attorney Jesse Sam Owens, Jr., is a former Chairman of environmental and land use law section of the florida Bar and also former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Center for the Arts. A guitarist, songwriter and poet, he has performed in major folk festivals in Florida and poetry events in Volusia County. His latest  book is The Way of Dreams and Other Musings.  

Dr. Lynn Hawkins. V.P.

Chair of Education Development Professor Biographies

Dr. Lynn Hawkins is a full-time professor at Daytona State College and a prolific writer. She has written a number of academic works and is a leader in academic and philanthropic organizations and a prominent speaker. He latest and very popular book is a biography of Annie Mae Walker, well-known for her work in Head Start. Always the First--The Story of Annie Mae Walker:Survival in an Uncivil World. 

Kim Hovanecz

Technical Writing

Director of Marketing Daytona Writer's Guild 

Kim Hovanecz is not only a technical writer who has written a number of professional manuals and software documents, she is  the other half of Creative Designers Duo.  A lover of the arts who gives profits  from her creative endeavors to help local school children and the VFW,  she can often be found sponsoring or advertising events in the arts in Volusia  County.  Her interest in writing began in high school as editor of the newspaper and yearbook. It carried over in  Pepperdine University, where she received a BA  degree in Communications As she produced professional manuals and software, she also   became a professional vocalist for 23 years. Her passion is music. Her favorite genres: True Crime,  Mystery, and Thrillers.

Jill Clark

Director of Children's Education Daytona Writer's Guild

 Children's Books

Jill Clark, who has two Master's degrees and received Professor Emeritus at Daytona English, AP literature and composition, creative writing, reading and literature throughout Volusia County at the high school and college level. She is also SCBWI's regional online critique group leader. She has received numerous awards for he writing, some of which has appeared in a number of prestigious magazines. She is also active in a number of writers' groups. She has a sequel to her Loose Balloons eagerly anticipated by her fans, due in November 2021. 2021 - Loose Balloons was a finalist in the RPLA Florida Writers Association contest.

Melody Dimick

Pres. of Florida Writers Foundation

Well known in academic circles for her work with young adults, Melody Dimick has written a number of books on the emotions and challenges experienced by young adults, and on teaching and writing poetry. Her books on human trafficking and its effects have enabled her to have an impact on exposing the dangers around young people. She is a winner of numerous writing wards and a sought-after speaker.

​Li​nda Mason

Assistant Director of Children's Education

Series of Children's Interactive Books

Linda Mason has a BA in Psychology and MS in Education. Certified in pre-school, reading, elementary, and special educ., Linda felt the pulse of children's eagerness to learn and discovered their vulnerabilities and their spontaneity. This has inspired her to create stories and songs that capture feelings from the inside out while developing skills and self-concepts from the inside in. Her first children's books with accompanying songs and interaction are Whodilly Wiggily, and C.A.B.I.T. The Amazing Rabbit. 

D L Havlin

Popular Historic Novels

A  true Florida historian, DL Havlin ​looks for and finds meaningful subjects to paint the Florida landscape and history for his readers.  His prose reflects each area, each status, each background.  Without covering up the human foibles in the people he writes about, he leaves us with a  sense of the reality of each situation.  He enables us to examine and think about our own feAnd you walk away from each book with more knowledge after being entertained. 

Veronica H. Hart

CEO of Paranormalis Press, LLC and of Uppity Women Press

Editorial Consultant

Veronica H. Hart is an  expert at helping and leading people of all ages to write and to publish.  She also volunteers her time to  help young women find their way toward meaningful, positive  expressions  in  writing. Mistress of the art of mystery writing, she has written and directed award-winning plays and novels, edited winning prose, and happily plies her craft as a consummate writer. and leader.

Dr. Robert Hart

Witty Satire and Novels

Although a serious doctor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Hart is also well known for his Horation-style, satirical writing which exposes the foibles of average and not-so-average human beings. So also do his fun-filled, very entertaining essays on the possible thinking of animals observing their human masters. His works are classic and not to be missed.

Lynn Kaiser Conrad


Lynn is not only a maser poet and photographer, but is also an e excellent business woman in real estate. Her photography,combined with her poetry transports one into another world where nature and emotions meld together in the joy of living. Her poetry book titled Perspectives willsoon be followed by a charming book of Haiku poetry. 

Barry Dimick

Short Stories

Barry Dimick grew up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Following his service in Vietnam, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. Barry is a member of the Villa Writers, a chapter of the Florida Writers Association (FWA). His short stories, “Letting Go,” and “Vermont” are published in FWA annual collections. He resides with his wife and pickleball partner, Melody, in Central Florida.

Barry can be reached at

Dodie Ulery

Artist and Writer of Multiple Genre 

Dodie Ulery, award-winning artist specializing in fiber arts, including weaving and fine art basketry seen and sold in Florida art galleries and gift shops, is also an award-winning photojournalist  whose   articles appear nationally and internationally. A prolific non-fiction writer, she has been featured guest speaker on twelve AM and FM radio talk shows aired in the US, Canada and South Africa. She has just published Freedom Song, her first YA novel.  

Dr. Bill Collins

Popular Egyptian Mysteries

Dr. Bill Collins is a lifelong student of ancient civilizations and culture.  His career as an educator, pastor and missionary in the Congo for many years made him even more determined to write about his discoveries.   He has published sixteen novels of historical fiction, most set in Ancient Egypt. A very successful writer, he has fans around the world who eagerly await each new story.  

Lois Gerber

Prolific writer of diverse genre

Lois Gerber, RN, BSN, MPH, believes in the spirit of community health nursing and has written many clinical articles and stories of her patients' challenges as well as non-fiction on nursing practices. Often published in magazines, she now also has written a number of successful novels  which reveal the heart of women in situations of survival and of character growth. Sheenjoys speaking about her books and is often asked to present.   

​Donna Nicholson

Romance and Mysteries

​​Donna Nicholson began her writing career by producing light-hearted romance novels.  She has since added mystery novels which explore the human mind and of sometimes twisted evil intents.  Her last published novel explored human trafficking, and her newest novel soon to be published, explores the morbid curiosity of a young, spoiled  youth whose explorations lead him into murders and accusations.  And she is hard at work producing another. 

Doug Giacobbe​

 Doug Giacobbe is a retired law enforcement officer, havin​g served twenty-four years working the mean streets of South Florida.  He retired at the rank of Major and Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division of his department. He now teaches college courses in American and Military History and is a member of Mystery Writers of America and the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society.  He has written two novels in his Michael Calloway mystery/thriller series that are titled By Unknown Means and Fierce Vengeance that read like an action-packed movie.    The fast-paced action and the plots provide true entertainment. He is at work on his third novel in the series.

Cal Thomas


A Maine native, and now a Floridian dividing his time between the North and the South, Cal Thomas has also studied, lived and worked in Pittsburgh, New York City and Paris. He enjoys traveling and writing, producing travel articles as well as two great mystery novels based on his knowledge of places and his experiences. Drawing on his experiences as intelligence agent, as well as producer of international music  programs, he has written two fascinating novel as introduction to his Kyle McBride series of adventures: A Stradivarii Affair and Decoy.

Donna Eastman

President Parkeast Literary Agency

Donna Eastman knows good writing, for she often helps her authors and publishers produce best-sellers. She enjoys writing children's books (The I-Can-Do-It series and other interesting and well-liked books), but has also co-authored a novel as well. To help her authors, she also has a website showcasing their books.  a consummate professional, she is always willing to help launch a book or help authors perfect their craft .

Joan Harris

 Essays, Series of Children's Books

Joan Harris, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is also a prolific writer.  A member of the Florida Writers Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, she has been an award winner of the Royal Pam Literary Society's awards. Grandmother of thirteen children, she has written fascinating books for primary grades, as well as short stories, newspaper and magazine articles and essays. 

Her Prince, Princess and the Dragon stories often have instructive themes such as friendship, bullying, meeting challenges and other themes children love.

Surrealistic Poetry

Dan Pels' love of poetry influences everyone around him.  His monthly Don Pels Poetry show, his other shows and activities, all are geared toward interaction with the arts community.  He has paved the way for camaraderie in poetry readings, inspiring many local and not so local poets to appear at shows which are entertaining in an atmosphere which not only showcases talent but enables writers and fans of the arts to bond  together in a Parisian bistro-like atmosphere at The Hub and elsewhere. His grandson and granddaughter have also been inspired and may be considered the two youngest  t published poets in the US. 

Your Name

Your Specialty

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Dr. J. Nell Brown

Medical Doctor

 Supernatural Thrillers

J. Nell Brown writes fiction that paints a human likeness upon the faceless and gifts a voice to the voiceless. Her novels are not for the faint of heart. She writes young adult supernatural thrillers that feature an epic scale and a historical hook. Her novels are gut-wrenching, suspenseful while splashed with comedy and sweetness. A self-proclaimed nerd, Brown  loves all things scientific. She  graduated with honors from The University of Florida. After receiving a Medical Doctorate  she completed an anesthesia residency at The University of Chicago Hospitals, She practices medicine in Florida.

Her VIP reader's newsletter:

Patricia Young

Writer, Journalist, Poet

Pat Young has written for the Daytona Beach News Journal, South Bend Tribune, Flint (MI) Journal, Clarkston (MI) News, Hometown News in Daytona Beach, Florida, New Mexico Magazine, Silver City Life Magazine and other publications.

She also worked in public relations and advertising for several real estate companies in Michigan, New Mexico and Florida.

She earned awards for her writing, including National Newspaper Association and Michigan Press Association awards. She earned two media awards while at the South Bend Tribune. One of her stories in New Mexico Magazine (“Giant Wind Harp in Tune with Nature”) was chosen for inclusion in the SIRS Discoverer data base.

She has an associate degree in liberal arts. She has written stories, articles and poetry since she was a kid, but the book she is co-authoring with Joanna Romer, Life after Losing a Child, is her first book. When she isn’t writing, she volunteers at the Port Orange, Florida YMCA and at the Ponce Inlet, Florida Lighthouse. She lives in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida with her life partner Dean Vanderbleek.

Bob Boese


Bob Boese's passion has always been on education and youth coaching and is the author of numerous sports and legal articles based on his long and productive career as an expert in environmental law and policy. His mystery writing  reveals a knowledge of fascinating experiences he has encountered.  His first novel, The Secret Life of Mr. Cunningham will soon be followed by a trilogy of the Casey Mysteries. 

Bai Lu

Novel of Chinese Girl

Her family had been prominent, academic, aristocratic, and her sisters and brothers had had privileges, but Bai Lu remembers living only in fear under the leadership of Mao Zedong. The need to hide their background, their struggle to survive, their deprivations,  the hunger, the bad treatment by officials, the terror of saying or doing something wrong and provoking wrath, colored her days with dark strokes.  A very revealing book of  the documented history of that period. The history and suffering are real, though the story is an adaptation of the reality of the heroine.  A Young Adult version is being prepared and will soon be published. 

Bob Stone​

Series of Children's Fiction on Sports 

Bob Stone, has been and continues to be producer, writer, promoter, and photographer. His restless energy leads him into a number of avenues in which he always produces the best.  He enjoys the arts and continues to support them through his Stone Studios, through his photography, and through public relations.  His latest venture is in writing a series of children's books which will showcase different sports.  They are inspirational and appeal strongly thrugh the early elementary grades.  They are called The Ryley Series.  

James Tierney

Fantasy Storyteller 


James Tierney takes young people on exciting adventures with his colorful, captivating characters as they embark on an imaginative  quest which their ancestor promised to fulfill years before. The tales are almost mythological, with fairies, magical lands, evil Wombats and strange beings.  Tierney has written two books and is now on his third. The Legend of Zierns and The Keeper of the Swords are fast-paced, interesting readings with Tierney's own creative art work. His memorable characters, such as Brudie, Brenda, Willow the Blue and Nivek  have enticed fans to follow the stories.

Shirley Cavanaugh

Author and Artist

“I have always been creative and feel that life will never be boring for me. My hands are my most precious part of me. So long as they are able to create my visions, I will be devoted to the artistic spirit that lives in me until the day I die.” Shirley Cavanaugh, who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in studio arts, has worked in many creative commercial jobs, adapting her artistic skills to fit the job. However, she enjoys working in three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional art and currently works in lowfire and highfire clay with glazes, finding clay less pricey and more accessible for her beautiful impressionistic and whimsical sculptures.

Mary Kay Pyles

Young Adult Novel

Mary Kay Pyles is a retired Florida elementary school principal who in her years as an educator saw many children in florida endure difficult life situations.  She wrote Rise and Shine Rosie to honor those who overcame their challenges and to encourage those who are still struggling.  The book reflects the many problems children in Florida may be having and what one person can accomplish. It won first place in the Royal Palm Awards for the Young Adult category and has been a best seller, especially with young adult girls who have been exposed to this book in schools across Florida. 

Dr. Kyra Gudrun Brokoph

Professor, Poet 

Dr. Kyra Gudrun Brokoph was a professor of German literarure and culture and philosophy at St. Lawrence University.  She has published in these areas extensively and lectured at academic conferences and universities worldwide. She is also a poet of note whose words evoke images and sensations through her masterful use of metaphors and other poetic devices to bring her audience into the world she creates not only with words, but also through her inflection, timing and demeanor in her presentations. 

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Dr. Jim Shoopman

Academic Writing


Children's Literature

Dr. Jim Shoopman Associate   Professor, Studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Universityin Daytona Beach.  He is an active churchman in the moderate Baptist tradition.He  is the author of three children's books (The Zachary Hamm series) with Taylor and Seale Publishing and is under contract with McFarland Press, for Virtue and Victory: The Popular American Hero. He is also third editor and partial author of The fundamentalist Takeover in the Southern Baptist Convention (1997) and has authored a number of scholarly articles related to religion, sociology and literature. Dr. Shoopman has a Ph.D. in Humanities and Religious studies from Florida State University. 

Llewellyn McKernan


Poet Llewellyn McKernan has a Master's Degree in English from the university of Arkansas and a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Brown University. She has  been published by a number of literary journals, anthologies. and in regional presses. Furthermore, Her six poetry books attest her commitment to her art. Short and Simple Annals, Many waters, Llewellyn McKernan's Greatest Hits, Pencil Memory, and Getting Ready to Travel . Singer, songwriter, writer, 

Bill Lazarus

Prolific Writer of Fiction and Non-fiction

When Bill Lazarus was at Kent State University, he became  editor of the daily student newspaper and campus editor for the New York Times. After earning a B.A. and M.A. from Kent U,. he received an ABD in American Studies from Case Western  (OH) University. Lazarus worked as reporter for the New Haven Register, business editor for the Daytona Beach  News journal, and editor of Halifax magazine.  He also held positions in advertising and public relations in Ohio, Connecticut and Florida, and has had multiple articles published in newspapers and magazines nationwide as well more than a dozen books. He maintains a popular blog on religious history, with more than 100,000readers.

Tracy Tripp 

Novels and Children's Books

Tracy Tripp graduated from SUNY Oswego and went on the Buffalo State college, swhere she earned her Master's in elementary education with a concentration in English. After teaching middle school for several years, she is now raising a family. She andher husband have three children. Her children's books reveal her understanding of the imagination of children, who love the books' style and stories.Her novels, too, reflect an understanding of the human psyche, with all its weaknesses and strengths. Women especially relate to the themes and plots.

This could be you 

Local Author

If you join Daytona Writer's Guild you can share your talent with the rest of the community at many wonderful events. Join us today,  

Elizabeth Volstadt



Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt has worked as a writer, editor, and English teacher. Her latest books, Pairs on Ice and Pairs at Nationals,(Taylor and Seale), are contemporary novels for tweens. They let readers experience the highs and lows of competitive figure skating, while showcasing problems faced by many preteens—difficult teammates, divorce, stepfamilies, and bullying. These books are inspired by Elizabeth’s love of skating and  years as a skating mom when her daughter competed. 

Elizabeth has also published numerous children’s stories, non-fiction books for teens, a history of Florida for children, and Young Patriots, a collection of short story adventures of young people during the Revolution.

Patricia Wentling


Graduated from Bryant & Stratton College at Buffalo, NY. She worked for many years in the banking field in Retail Banking, Corporate Trust, and Personal Trust as an Administrative Assistant. Moved to Florida in 1982 and lived in Jacksonville, FL and years later, Central FL. She began writing poetry seventeen years ago and children’s stories eight years ago. She concentrates mostly on writing children’s stories for picture books and chapter books. She has published a poetry chapbook with Writer’s Ink Press (Daytona Beach) in 2013 titled, PRUNING. In 2016, she was published in LUCKY AND HAPPY, with Kids Imagination Train, an e-zine. In 2017, published in AN ELM LEAF FACES HIS FEAR, with Bumples Magazine. 2018 LUCKY’S VIOLIN was published in the May/June issue of Kids Imagination Train, an e-zine. She’s married to Stephen and they are retired in Fort Myers, FL June 2018.

Janie Owens


Janie Owens is ...... 

Vicky Iorio


Vicki Iorio is the author of Poems from the Dirty Couch, Local Gems Press and the chapbooks Send Me a Letter, Dancing Girl P:ress and Something Fishy, Finishing Line Press. Her poetry has appeared in numerous print and on-line journals including The Painted Bride Quarterly, Rattle, poets respond on line,  The Fem Lit Magazine, and  The American Journal of Poets.

Betty Powers


Betty Powers was formally a principal at leading schools in Volusia County. Named one of the Principals of the Year in 2001 Secondary and Elementary Principal of the year by the District of Volusia County. The candidates were chosen for honor, outstanding leadership, and service by school administrators. She started her career as a third grade teacher. Then served as an Administrative Assistant at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. Later she became principal of both public and private middle schools. Powers has a Master's Degree in Administration and Educational Leadership , as well as a degree in teaching.   

Lana Chapel

Singer, Songwriter

Writer and Artist

Lana Chapel became a professional singer/songwriter at the age of 11 with her first song published by two major song publishers. By 16, she was a salaried songwriter and recording artist. She appeared with her parents on the Opry as a child and as an adult with stars like Tammy wynette, Kris Kristoffersonn and others. Today she enjoys writing and illustrating and still making recordings.  She is a poet, painter/illustrator, mini/sculptor, jewelry designer, performer and producer and plays a number of instruments besides a Native American flute.   Her children's books are lovely fantasies which delight youngsters. They include interaction with music. 

Ljubica Stefanovska Ceravolo

Essays on Industrial Engineering and on  Business Management

Ljubica Ceravolo, M.S. engineering graduate of the University of St. Cyril AND Methodius in Macedonia,is a  former teaching assistant.  Most of her writing is academic and technical. She has had numerous papers published in engineering and management. Currently she's an engineer in Quality Control and often prepared papers about projects she is involved in. She also enjoys writing publicity articles that are very effective.  

Dorothy Bradley


Children's literature

Dorothy Bradley, a former teacher, enjoys the arts,  For years she was involved with volunteer work at museums, theaters, and other places where she would facilitate comunity involvement with the arts.  She has season tickets and sponsors a number of programs that include include writing, p;erforming and music.  

Her children's book, Woofus, which has sthe theme of friendship and Christmas through the antics of a dog, is a lovely story that has also been narrated by a professinal.  We hope Bradley will write more Woofus books.  children love him.   

Jeff Boyle

Novels, Anthologies

Jeff Boyle, with a BS in science and an MS in administration has been a business man, professor and elected City Commissioner. He enjoys book signings and often presents at libraries, museums, book clubs and civic organizations. His novel 'Nam World is set against a backdrop of a corrupt Florida Vietnam War theme park and a war veteran's struggle to free himself from his own self-confinement and survival guilt. Boyle has received awards for some of his work.  

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