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Dr. Deborah Lee Prescott

Wonderful Wednesdays

Dr. Deborah Lee Prescott, is a multi--talented writer, playwright, professor, traveler and volunteer. She never stops taking on new interests, especially with something literary or cultural. The newest volunteering is close to our hearts. A unique and collaborative volunteer project at Riverbend Academy in Tequesta FL has brought together writers and readers to help improve the lives and literacy of children. Every Wednesday, known as “Wonderful Wednesdays,” volunteers, including three local authors, read one-on-one with the students of Riverbend Academy. It helps the students of Sandy Pines Residential Hospital “feel connected and cared for by the outside world,” says Sheila Carpenter Perry, elementary school paraprofessional, “which is something many of them need and enjoy.” What a great opportunity to help!

See Prescott’s Mitzvah books and the ones with Daisy. They are perfect for reading to and with children. The activity will produce happy memories and leads to a child’s love of reading.  

Shelter From The Storm 

Dorothy Fletcher 

Reviewed by Dec 2021. Compared to a Stephen King Novel....

Elementary school teacher Sarah Palmer had a secret, one that even she found hard to face. Only after her teacher friends witnessed one of her debilitating panic attacks did she ever consider confronting it. Shelter from the Storm is her journey toward salvation and renewal. It is a sensitive story about how two young girls—one black, one white—try to overcome the status quo in a time when Jim Crow Laws prevailed. It is also a story that considers how two people can live through the same event and experience very different outcomes— that some become stronger while others are swept away like cottages in a hurricane.

ISBN: 978-1950613687 $16.95

Tracy Tripp 

January 2022 -- Getting excited for a year full of writing and meeting fellow authors and readers. 

I'm already signed up for three book signings and have one Zoom book club on the calendar.

#tracytrippbooks #WomensFiction #picturebooks #readforfun

Dec 11, 2021 Daytona Beach Shores Flag Court and Pavilion was the site of the Daytona Writer's Guild 1st Annual Holiday Festival.  

There were 21 authors, 2 crafters, 1 painter, 1 musician/singer, 1 litarary agent, 2 publishers, and a good time was had by all.  We had 4 student volunteers from Mainland High School Interact Club help us with the gift baskets, arts and crafts, and reading parts of the children's stories..  The weather was gorgeous, even on the warm side.  


Inaugural Edition of KimPosts Oct 2020

Let us Entertain you. 

Click wherever it says click or you see a link and find out about what the Guild is doing. Enjoy! To learn more about the writers look under Daytona Writers Guild, Taylor and Seale Books or the publishers listed with the writer’s news.

     The first book released through Daytona Writers Guild as a joint project consists of interesting short stories, essays, poetry and children’s literature for the whole family. 

     It will be sold in souvenir shops and local places and features authors from Daytona and writers affiliated with the area. Get your copy now. Lean back on our beautiful sand and enjoy! 


.Click on JAMES TIERNEY DOES IT AGAIN. Hear about his newest books as dictated through his spooky Storyteller. P.S. James, who creates monsters for the movies, created his own puppet. He has another spooky story in Beach Reads, which is coming out soon.  

 JILL CLARK See her interview on TV in Hangin With the Web. Click Here

Local Magazine Cover - Neighbors 

Dr Nancy Mims

Get a copy of Dr. Nancy Mims’ The Autumn Geese. Children enjoy her four books of the seasons. The Christmas Geese is good to consider for a Christmas gift, along with the rest of the series. An educational fun read. Can be ordered on Amazon

Elizabeth Vollstadt

Christmas is coming, and it’s not too early to start thinking of gifts. Two books that come to mind are about ice skating by Elizabeth Vollstadt.

Cover of the Neighbors Deland and Winter Park magazine. Interesting article about her monthly book column “Liz’s Book Nook” and her 3 books selling on Amazon: Young Patriots: Inspiring Stories of the American Revolution (Boyds Mills Press) Pairs on Ice and Pairs at Nationals (Taylor and Seale)

She has won prizes for stories in history and other educational topics, and her two books by Taylor and Seale are great. 

Short story about a young woman facing a decision that would change her life.

This book was also a finalist in the 2019 RPLA Competition.

Melody Dean Dimick 

Despite the pandemic, Florida Writers Foundation president Melody Dean Dimick has been writing poetry, competing, and learning new virtual hosting techniques.

•Remote conference Oct 15, she introduced the Florida Writers Association 2020 Florida Writer of the Year and the National Writer of the Year. Melody’s Taylor and Seale books, No Parents Allowed and Blame.

•Her poem “Insanity” is a winner and will be included in the Florida Writers Association Volume 12, Create an Illusion collection book.

•Another poem qualified for the next step in the DeLand Museum of Art’s 2020 Poetic Visions Competition. Until December 27, her poem is displayed in a special art exhibit alongside the artwork which inspired it. Reach out and vote…..

•Will be published in an anthology commemorating the exhibit.

•Invited to participate in a slam at the Noble “Thin Man” Watts Amphitheater.

•To learn more about Melody and her news. Click below for videos

1st Place Gold Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) by the Florida Writers Association.

Her novel Backpack Blues, published by Taylor and Seale as Backpack Blues: Ignite the Fire Within, previously won an RPLA First Place.

Doug Giacobbe

Doug Giacobbe, author of the Michael Calloway series of thriller fiction mysteries. Series: By Unknown Means, A Fierce Vengeance, and currently writing the third in the series.

Tracy Tripp

Want a bit of emotion in your stories which may bring you tears, anger, surprise, joy and to top it off ....a good read? Click on pictures for Tracy Tripp’s website and her interview.

Barry Dimick 

Vermont's Green Mountains. Barry lets off steam on ball fields and basketball courts, hunts the local woods, fishes nearby streams and rivers, gets his first job, and buys his hunting rifle. In this New England coming of age story.

J.T. Kunkel

J.T.Kunkel’s mystery books are becoming very popular. He is:

-gaining many fans

-Producing his third mystery books

-Launching himself as an author on healing concerns.

-This article published in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Fall 2020 Newsletter which is distributed to over 4000 by mail and throughout healthcare facilities in the New York City area.

-His mystery books are listed on Taylor and Seale Publishing. 

Bill Lazarus

A prolific author and nationally recognized religious historian Bill Lazarus is launching two non-fiction religious histories in the next month: The Lore and Tradition of Christmas Carols, which details the history of carols, and The Messiah, which explains the concept and identifies the underlying causes for the belief.

Bold Venture Press Publishing will publish 3 of his completed novels and non-fiction books a year from 2021 to 2027. Lazarus has 19 books published to date by 5 different publishers including Wiley Press, Sports Publishing, Southern Owl, Wolfsinger and Bold Venture. Two titles are sold internationally: The Sands of Time: 100 Years of Racing in Daytona Beach; and Comparative Religion for Dummies. 

Llewellyn McKernan

"Today Four Pole Creek" poem by Llewellyn McKernan was published in the most recent issue of an Appalachian journal called Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel.

"Self-Portrait" poem by John McKernan was published in the most recent issue of the poetry journal, Visions International. After 42 years in Huntington, WV, where John was a full Professor of English at Marshall University, but he retired a few years ago and now they live in NSB.

When Parkeast Literary Agency President Donna Eastman started her agency with Gloria Koehler they never imagined it would grow so much with local and internationally known writers. The website showcases all writers who would like to become more widely known. A number of our writers are listed. 

While not “agenting,” Donna enjoys writing. Her children’s books are exceptional. Her ”I Can Do It” series help children get over their fears of challenges. These endearing books are illustrated by Bonnie Meyers Morisset. Her books always feature animals, are witty, instructive and are just fun to read.  The latest is A Job for Tabitha, which could be a companion book for the I Can Do It series. Tabitha becomes a service dog after she bemoans the fact that her friends all seem to have jobs and she does not. It’s a very endearing and instructive story.

Jacqueline Bodnar

Published September 2020, "Blog for Bucks: How to Create, Promote, and Profit from Your Blog," offers readers the scoop on how to start a blog and earn money from it. The book also features Q&A blogger spotlights, with numerous other successful bloggers sharing their experience and tips.

Jacqueline Bodner has over 3000 published articles to her credit. She is also a prolific blogger, author of Starting Your Career as a Professional Blogger, and has ghostwritten seven other titles.

Blueberry Steele is a wonderful YA historical fiction book published by Taylor and Seale.  

Judy Lindquist

Author Judy Lindquist’s middle grade novel Flower Power just won the Purple Dragon book award. The contest is a worldwide children’s book competition started in 2009 to celebrate the best in children’s literature.

Send me your Event details. I want to know about any Craft Shows, Book Shows, Signings, or other events where you will be live in person or online.

Send me your video link, purchase links, blogs, pictures, awards, articles, flyers, anything that is promoting you and your book(s).

The more you provide me upfront the easier my job.

     -Make the write up exciting and eye-catching.

     -What is important to grab someone’s attention.

     -Tell me if you are having a Sale or a Giveaway with each          sale.                                                    

-An anthology by the Daytona Writers Guild is being printed in October. ** Kudos to the authors who participated. **

-Seasonal Books for Thanksgiving and Christmas are always available.

-Our children’s authors have been invited to present at the American Association of University Women meeting with a Zoom presentation in November. Authors:

               Jill Clark (Loose Balloons author)

               Dr. Lynn Hawkins (Go, Girl, Go) – middle-grade book

               Linda Mason (Whodilly-Wiggilly, There is no I in We, Shero’s Dream Catcher) - middle-grade books

               James Tierney’s Zierns series will be on a disk to be presented November: 

- We will publish an Internet Catalog with some suggestions for suitable books for Christmas gifting. If you need some gifts, why not consider buying books from our own authors? Meanwhile, we will be giving suggestions to whoever receives our KimPost.   


Make sure to check your books on Amazon. They routinely reduce the cost on our books and you can sometimes buy them for less than it costs to make them!! If you are one of the authors this happens to, let us know and we will broadcast this.


Even if you do not hear from us for a while, keep us posted. We will be writing more and sending more pictures about future events. Look at both the Daytona Writers Guild and the Taylor and Seale Books sites. Although they are still under construction and are not complete, you can get a gist of what is going on. Anything you see out of place or wrong, please let us know so that we can rectify it ASAP. Also, if there is information you think needs to be on them, let us know and we will add it. Our editors and web-master are working very hard to meet deadlines, but we are experiencing growing pains.


Mary Custureri, Ed.D.

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