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Past Events

BAMfest Daytona is a celebration of BOOKS, ART AND MUSIC presentations.

See pictures of the event from November 2018 and January 2020.

The eveninga were spectacular, ad we also raised money for the Volusia county Literacy Council.   Each fest has always included award-winning performers, artists, entertainers, poets, novelists and musicians.  Guests mingle with the authors, all dressed in galam and smiling happily.  

See randomn pictures  taken by Bob Stone, author and photographer. 

Nov 17


BAM Fest (Books Art and Music Festival)

MOAS, 352 S. Nova Road, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Master of Ceremonies Joseph Cavanaugh and his lovely wife Shirley in the gallery entrance of the Museum of Arts and Sciences before the BAMfest started. Beautiful  displays of paintings, sculpture and books from Daytona Writers Guild authors provided an interesting and attractive backdrop as guests mingled with authors and artists. 

To the right is the marquee announcing the stars performing for the evening.

Left: Some Taylor and Seale books on display. 


Left:  Artist...

Right:  Artist Alice Gibson from Arts on Granada in 

Ormond Beach

Left:  Mary Kay Pyles, author, with her best-selling Rise and Shine        

         Rosie, a YA book

Right:  Author Dr. Jim Shoopman and his display of the Zachary                

         Hamm children's  series of books.

Left:  Liz Vollstadt with come of her books, which include her two middle grade novels :Pairs on Ice and Pairs at Nationals

Right: Professor Bob Boese with his newest publication The Secret ife of Mr. Cunningham 

Left: Joseph Cavanaugh introducing honoree Dr. David Axelrod, Volusia county Poet Laureate, who was honored for his great work in sponsoring and inspiring writing in the community.  

Right: Dr. Axelrod and Joseph Cavanaugh

Left: The Daytona Writers guild gifted Dr. Axelrod with  a beautiful briefcase with his name engraved on the cover. 

Right: Stefanie 

  Veronica H. Hart and Joseph Cavanaugh and Dr. Mary Custureri. Veronica received a certificate of honor for her great work in fostering and mentoring writing as regional director and writing group leader  in the Florida Writers Association, her hours of volunteer work with young women, and for her dedication to the highest goals in writing. 

Melody Dean Dimick, President of the Florida Writers Foundation, received a certificate of honor for her work with Young Adults and her teaching and dedication to their lives and their writing.  She has inspired students and teachers and people concerned with young adults to awaken to their needs.   

DL Havlin received a certificate of  honor for his great work in writing interesting best-selling novels filled with Florida history.  He also gives much of hs time to inspire other writers and to spread the word about writing well.  

Left:  The Daytona Writers Guild logo on stage before the performance

Right:  A notice that proceeds were going to the Volusia Literacy Council

Left:  Chris Gantry; David Ask; Jesse Sam Owens, J.D.; Mary Custureri, Joseph Cavanaugh

Right: Musician singer Mary Cuchetti at the piano

Chris Gantry, renowned star of Nashville, songwriter, musician, singer, and writer.  Winner of the coveted BMI award for his song "Ballad of the American Housewife" sung by Glen Campbell.

A master beloved performer. 

David Ask and Mary Cuchetti sing a duet--The Prayer. The audience agreed it was the best they ever heard it sung. David Ask is from Nashville. Mary Cuchetti is from the Cuchetti School of Music from Smyrna Beach.

Jesse Sam Owens, J.D.  wows the audience with his poetry and masterful presentation from his best-selling book The Way of Dreams.

Joe Cavanaugh presenting from his popular book Transcendental Targets: Searching for the Ecstatic in a Cloud of White Butterflies.

Transcendental poetry with beautiful pictures as well to transport the reader. 


The audience loved the entire evening and were touched by the beautiful presentations.  They appplauded so enthusiastically that cheers of "Bravo" resounded heartfully as they stood up to applaud.  

Left: Two masterful professionals poetry/song writers whose work resonates in the hearts of their listeners.

Left:  Dr. Mary Custureri, President of Taylor and Seale Publishing AAUW (American Association of University Women) enjoying the milieu.  

Bob Stone: Head of Stone Studios, master photographer and producer,(also a playwright and author) is the photographer of all the BAMfest pictures for this event. 

After the show: Dinner at the Museum of Arts and Sciences


SAT 3/23


Sponsored by The Daytona Beach shres Community Center 

March 16

DOUG GIACOBBE at the Sleuthfest Writing Symposium in boca Raton.  





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